Temperature range
of 138-248° Fahrenheit
(59-120° Celcius)

Accurate within
1-2 degrees

thermometer with
long-lasting adhesive

Aids in
and diagnostics

Know it before
you blow it!

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February 2004 Edition

Racetemp Temperature Monitoring Device

All those fancy stickers and graphics you stick on your bike look cool, but they really don’t improve performance one bit. Only Racetemp’s temperature monitoring device can truly add form and function to your machine. Stick these onto a hot spot on your bike, the cylinder, radiator or shock, and you’ll be able to read the temperature. With strips ranging from 107-217 degrees and 138-248 degrees Fahrenheit, and accurate within 1-2 degrees, just sticking one of these things on your bike can help insure things are running the way they should. A three-pack of thermometers retails for $9.95. Call Racetemp at 425-444-7575.

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