Temperature range
of 138-248° Fahrenheit
(59-120° Celcius)

Accurate within
1-2 degrees

thermometer with
long-lasting adhesive

Aids in
and diagnostics

Know it before
you blow it!

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How to Use the Racetemp®  Engine Thermometer

This device aids in the measurement of engine, suspension
and brake component temperatures. 
This device will not aid in the detection of cold seizure. 

How to use:
Before applying the Racetemp® engine thermometer, the surface should be clean and dry to obtain maximum adhesion. No surface treatment is necessary.
Remove adhesive backing, exposing adhesive strip.
Press Racetemp® engine thermometer firmly onto surface.
Note: In colder climates, application is recommended at a minimum of room temperature for best adhesion.  
Recommended application is vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Placement can be on a flat surface or over transfer ports.

How to read:
Green indicates actual temperature.
As rated temperature is reached, indicator changes from black to:
*Green bar indicates actual temperature reading.
*Brown bar indicates temperature reading just above actual reading.
*Blue bar indicates temperature reading just below actual reading.
Depending on ambient temperature, it may take five minutes or longer during warm-up before thermometer readings become active.
For best results read your Racetemp® engine thermometer within five minutes after turning off your motor.
Upon cooling, the thermometer will return to its origional state.
The Racetemp® engine thermometer is designed for repeated use.
If the temperature of the monitored component substantially exceeds the maximum temperature capacity of the thermometer, the Racetemp® engine thermometer may be destroyed.

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