Temperature range
of 138-248° Fahrenheit
(59-120° Celcius)

Accurate within
1-2 degrees

thermometer with
long-lasting adhesive

Aids in
and diagnostics

Know it before
you blow it!

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Motorcycle Cruiser MAGAZINE
April 2004 Edition
New Products - Beating the Burn
Racers aren’t the only ones who heat up in hurry- in warm weather conditions with heavy loads, even cruiser engines can feel their temperature rise.

Detect potential overheating and check engine components with the simple Racetemp monitoring device, a small visible strip that enables riders to quickly determine the temperature of such vital elements as the radiator, cylinder or clutch housing.

With temperature strips ranging from 107-217° F and 138-248° F and accurate within 1-2° F, Racetemps strips are flexible enough to fit any engine component. Best of all, three engine thermometers plus corresponding decals retail for only $10.50. For more information, go to www.racetemp.com  or call (425) 444-7575.

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