(Seattle, Wash.) - Detect overheating and monitor engine components with the Racetemp® temperature monitoring device.  Racetemp® is a small visible strip that enables machine operators to quickly and accurately determine the temperature of vital components such as radiator, cylinder, rear shock body, clutch housings and more.  This product aids in vehicle maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnosing during and after operation.

Racetemp® developed this “continuous use” concept to fulfill
a need of temperature monitoring where such devices do not exist.  With temperature strips ranging from 138-248° F (59-120° C), and accurate within 1-2°F, Racetemp® strips have been designed with long-lasting adhesive and are flexible enough to fit any engine component.

Three (3) Racetemp® engine thermometers plus decal retail for only $10.50, shipping included.  The Racetemp® strip is the most efficient and accurate way to measure internal and overall temperature of engine components. A must have for all motorsport enthusiasts where heat is the enemy and early detection could save valuable time and money. 

For additional information view this convenient cost-saving technology online at: www.racetemp.com.

Temperature range
of 138-248° Fahrenheit
(59-120° Celcius)

Accurate within
1-2 degrees

thermometer with
long-lasting adhesive

Aids in
and diagnostics

Know it before
you blow it!

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